Here you will find a list of the technical specification sheets for the VELUX product range.

Click on the links below to download the PDF's.


Centre-pivot    Top-hung   

Manual GGL pine                                                    

Manual GGU white           



GPL pine finish         

GPU white polyurethane
Conservation roof window   Smoke ventilation   
  Centre-pivot and top-hung    Smoke vent roof window system          

Flat roof smoke vent system (CSP) 
CABRIO balcony    Roof terrace   
  Roof balcony system (GDL)    Roof terrace system (GEL)
Sloping and vertical 
Sun tunnels 

  Sloping and vertical pine VFE      

Sloping and vertical white VIU 

Flexible and rigid tunnels

Flat roof sun tunnels (TCF/TCR)



Flat roof kerb   Flat roof window   
  GGL with ECX kerb (n/a)  

CFP fixed without ventilation         

CVP electric

Flat glass rooflight